Q. Can you help me save my files?

A. Absolutely. Many people misunderstand the importance of saving everything on their computers. We can make your machine as good as new. However, all of your important information will be gone unless it was backed up. People are happy to have their machine back but sad that they lost their wonderful memories of vacations, family events, etc. Choosing our Backup management option helps keep those memories for you.

Q. Can you help protect my equipment?

A. This is a sensitive and tricky question to answer. The answer is Yes and No. This answer is necessary to appease the legal implications. We will do our best to protect your stuff. However, we are unable to prevent everything like catching your stuff from falling to the ground because we are not physically present. Choosing our Security management option helps keep protection.

Q. My computer runs so slow. I can barely get anything to work. Can you help make it run better?

A. This is one of the primary reasons we started this service. There are times when systems get too hot because of where the system is located or there is some extra-unwanted programs hogging your computer. We do our best to take care of your stuff and keep it in the best running shape possible.

Q. I need my equipment fixed. With your service, do I have to pay a ton of money/an arm and a leg for repairs?

A. We have heard from Clients after they have switched over to us that they were paying to have their equipment fixed at costs from $100 to $350 each time. Clients under our managed services agreement are responsible only for the cost of the part(s) and shipping. All labor, no matter if it takes our organization 15 minutes or 20 hours, is at no additional cost to them. Choosing the Workstation management option helps keep your repair costs low.

Q. I need someone to take care of my phone. Can you do that?

A. Business phones, home phones, and cell phones play a major role in staying connected with friends, family, and people. Our organization helps keep your phone and phone systems healthy. See our section on voice management for the areas we support.

Q. Will you be able to check and watch my warranties with the devices I have bought?

A. Absolutely, our organization provides systems monitoring and tracking and will remind you via email, text, or phone when your warranty is about to expire. We can even help show you how to renew your warranty with the respective manufacturer. Choose our Workstation Management Service for warranty tracking information.

Q. Is there any way of checking to see if my computer has a cold or what is called a virus?

A. Yes, we provide the monitoring services that help your stuff become or remain healthy. Our organization will treat your devices and keep them healthy. Choose our Software Management Service to keep you system tuned up and in tip-top shape.

Q. How do I know if I have burglars or thieves in my computer? Do you provide security guard services?

A. Why yes we do, we can monitor activities such as how often your computer runs at maximum speed and other indicators that alert us that someone may be doing something wrong with your device. Choose our Security Management Service for safety.

Q. I would like my ideas to be on the web. Can you help?

A. Yes we can! Whether you would like to have help doing it yourself or want to us to manage it for you. We can ensure your domain name is registered and renewed along with your website being hosted and marketed. Choose our Web Management Services to bring your ideas to the world.

Q. How can I contact you if I need help with my devices?

A. Each Client has the option to choose how they desire to contact us. You can email, text, fax, and even phone us for technical assistance. Help Desk Essentials offers email only support eight hours a day, five days a week (8×5) while Help Desk Comprehensive offers email, text, fax, and phone support eight hours a day, five days a week (8×5). We recommend that those who have Server Management Services to choose the Help Desk Critical Service which allows Clients to email, text, fax, and phone support twenty-four hours a day, six days a week (24×6).

Q. What happens if my device is under warranty? Do I need to call them myself?

A. No. We will help you with the technical support with those companies who provide product warranties. We speak the same technology language with them and help translate the problems with the device to them. This saves you a lot of time trying to figure out what they are asking you to do.

Q. I am ready to sign-up. Is it hard to get started?

A. This is one of our favorite questions. Signing up is easy. Just select the program and add-ons that best fits your needs, agree to what you have ordered from us and provide the method of payment. We will send you instructions or call you with the next steps. Please understand that your machine will receive tender care and it may take several days to several weeks to have your machine become healthy. It does not matter how many hours our team of management specialists has to spend to bring good health to your machine.